Sunday, September 27, 2015

Goodbye Pen Name

You may or may not have realized that I've been using a pen name on my blog for quite some time now. I've never really been the biggest fan of my last name so I chose a different one to write this blog under, and kept it for a few years now. Lately I've been thinking though and I think it's time to say goodbye to my pen name. 

You see, names are important, even if we don't like the way they sound, there's no escaping the fact that our names are part of who we are. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to use a pen name, and I am by no means telling you that you shouldn't use one. But for me using a pen name was in part, hiding from who I really am. I was trying to be someone else, someone who I perceived was a better person than I am. I was trying to be perfect, but it dawned on me, that's not what I really want. What I really want, is to be real, authentic. I want to be me. Nothing more, and nothing less.

So in order for me to take a step in the direction of authenticity I'm saying Goodbye to my pen name now. (By the way, my real name isn't really that horrible honestly, it just doesn't flow all that well, but that's okay) Signing off as Andrea Nan for the Last time, and signing back in as Andrea Monsma.